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  • Mã sản phẩm P00000BO
  • Giới thiệu sơ lược về sản phẩm Making your body beautiful! Himchanmaru produces health supplements only with the best herbs made in Korea for the bones

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Capture only raw materials

Made with trust and dedication, we only contain the benefits of nature.

Himchanmaru’s health pills are manufactured with expertise accumulated through the long-term research of skilled oriental medicine researchers and only use premium herbal ingredients certified by pharmaceutical companies.

ingredients to make A Thin-Hwanlook Thin-Hwan

Lemon balm, Plantago lanceolata leaf, carrot, capillary wormwood, Salicornia europaea, barley The main ingredients of Himchanmaru’s health pills are grown in Korea. (Refer to the product display)
Search online to check out the effects of the raw ingredients in detail.

powermaru Keypoint

Positive Effects
When stomach is always stuffy / When skin care is needed / When you need weight management / When looking for food that is good for women

powermaru product

Himchanmaru Thin-Hwan

Single Item: Thin-Hwan (140 g) 1 bottle

Set: Thin-Hwan (140 g) 3 bottles + portable case (with discount)

Product Marking Requirements
Product Name Narsini-Hwan Type Other processed goods
Manufacturer Pohangbio park / 185, Seoman-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Vendor Himchanmaru / 15, Honamcheol-ro, Sintaein-eup, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea
Expiration date 1 year from the date of manufacture Content 130g
Product report number 20090533327279 Inner packing material Lid:Other, Container:PET
Ingredients Lemon Balm, ribwort leaves(made in Korea), glasswort(made in Korea), perennial artemisia(made in Korea), carrots(made in Korea), barley

powermaru recommend

Ideal for these people
  • Who experience frequent changes to the body caused by menopause

  • Who want a beautiful figure

  • Who wish to improve their skin

  • On a diet

  • Who swell up frequently

  • People with coprostasis

  • Who want detoxification

powermaru Q&A

Answering Questions
The colors looked different every time.
Colors and flavors may vary slightly depending on the season and processing of agricultural products, but there is no difference in ingredients.
Does it work immediately?
There are individual differences for each person, but it takes about 10 weeks for it to be absorbed by the body and have a good effect. This is why it is sold in one set of three.
Can I eat on an empty stomach?
We recommend taking it during or immediately after a meal. The recommended dosage is two to three times a day.
Can I take it with other medicines?
Health pills are foods, not medicines. You can take them together, but it is best to take the time difference.

Powerful life, Himchanmaru

Himchanmaru make healthy foods you can trust, which are made from natural ingredients.

We only use fresh ingredients. Many companies use additives on their products to improve their appearances, save cost, or enhance the flavors. However, health food with many additives cannot benefit health. Himchanmaru avoids including additives unless it is absolutely necessary. Do not be blinded by bogus health food, and choose our healthy products.

The products sold on
Himchanmaru are foods,
not medicines.

To comply with food-related laws, we do not use phrases or expressions in our advertising
that could mislead people into thinking that our products are medicine.
Discover the effects of our products by searching online or referring to literature.

  • Developed by skilled researchers
    “Himchanmaru’s golden recipe” Patent Registration No.: No. 10-2001472

    Our recipe for health pills was developed by experts in the fields of food, herbal medicine, and manufacturing through years of research.
    We developed Himchanmaru’s golden recipe that changes completely depending on the ingredients and their amount. Furthermore, we continue to conduct research with partners, including the R&D Business at Jeonbuk Technopark and the dedicated R&D team.

  • Patents
Himchanmaru’s products are strictly
made with certified raw ingredients and manufacturing procedures.

The health pills of Himchanmaru are mixed using
Himchanmaru’s patented ratio by the social enterprise Pohang Bio Park.
Pohang Bio Park is registered as a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) workplace.

GMP(우수건강기능식품제조기준) 적용업소
Himchanmaru’s products
strive for each other's joy.

Pohang Bio Park, in charge of manufacturing Himchanmaru’s health pills, is a rehabilitation center for persons with disabilities.
Take Himchanmaru’s health pills to help persons with disabilities.
Remember that Himchanmaru’s health pills allow you to take care not only of your own health but also our society!

Check When Ordering
Eat this way
Consume 2–3 times a day, depending on your condition. We recommend taking the pills during breakfast, dinner, or immediately after meals. It is best to take pills when digestion is in progress. Please note that taking the pill after overeating is not recommended.
Take approximately 3 g with plenty of water (* 3 g: A thin layer spread over the lid).
Check the ingredients before taking the product if you have an allergy or any other special condition.
The color and flavor may vary depending on the growth duration of the ingredients. However, this does not affect the quality of the product.
The product does not contain any additives and may be subject to contamination. Store safely after opening. We recommend storing it in the refrigerator.
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