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Bongchu drink
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  • Giới thiệu sơ lược về sản phẩm Bongchu drink has more than 18 kinds of ingredients including the chicken feet (100% made in Korea) and is made with utmost sincerity.

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Bongchu drink

1Box (80ml x 60per package)

In order to get healthier!
Fill your body with chicken foot and herbal medicine

Why is it a Chicken Feet?

The difference in the amount of chicken rations and technical skills of cholesterol '0%' is the difference in product strength

The [Bongchu drink] made with the most suitable herbal medicine for chicken feet and the oil removal technology of the strong floor is a different type of chicken extract.

  • Why is it a
    Chicken Feet?

    Chicken feet are the base part of the chicken's ankles, which is good for diet food because it has less muscle and fat, and its tendons and shells are the main ingredients.

Chicken foot content 71%

If there is too much chicken foot extract,
it won’t taste good and also difficult to absorb it into our body.
We tried to put in the optimal amount of chicken foot.

Advantages of Bongchu drink

  • Ingredients
    Chicken foot content 71%
    Using Korean chicken foots, and achyranthes
  • Open the manufacturing process
    Himchanmaru has pulicized the whole process of production 8 times through broadcasting media.
  • Core Technology
    Patented recipe of Himchanmaru, maximizing advantages and eliminates side effects
    Tastes good by having the optimal ratio
    Low temperature extraction for more than 30 hours
    Chicken foot grease removal technologies
    (Chicken foot grease removal technologies)
  • No food additives!
    Unlike regular health foods, which require additives for a certain flavor,we didn’t add any additives and make the taste only with the ratio of the ingredients
    No synthetic flavorings, no preservatives, no food coloring
  • Usage
    Good for a present to old people
    The whole family can enjoy the drink
    Portable since it is packed in small sizes
  • Others
    1st place in consumer satisfaction food brand of the year 2019
    Sponsor of the Korea Qualification for the 2018 Powerlifting World Championships

Product Info

1Box (80g * 60per package)
Product Marking Requirements
Product Name Bongchu drink Type Processed meat extract products (sterilized)
Company Himchanmaru
Address 15, Honamcheol-ro, Sintaein-eup, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea
Expiration date Written on the top of the product Content 80g * 60per package, 4800g
Product report number 20180480016105 Inner packing material Polypropylene
Ingredients Chicken foot (Korea), achyranthes (Korea), tarragon(Korea), eucommia bark, Chinese matrimony vine,Siberian Ginseng bark , Safflower seeds, Allium hookeri, hawthorn, white atractylis, elm root barks,cuscuta seed,mulberry leaves,cinnamon,dried orange peel,licorice,quince,malt,dry ginger,purified water,chicken foot(chicken meat)
Nutrition information Total content 4,800ml(80ml*60packages) per package(1package 80ml)/12.91kcal
per package Sodium 7.41g Carbohydrate 1.5g Sugar 0.52g Fat 0.34g
Percentage to Daily Nutrient Reference 0% 0% 1% 1%
Protein 0.98g Saturated Fat 0.08g Cholesterol 0mg Transfat 0g
2% 1% 0% 0%
The percentage (%) of the daily nutrient baseline is based on 2000 kcal and may vary depending on the individual's required calories.

Company Info

Himchanmaru conveys trust.

We only put in organic ingredients that you can trust. We didn’t add anything except clean water and frest ingredients. There are many products that add a variety of food additives to make it taste better, to match the cost of ingredients, or to make it look better. However, Himchanmaru didn’t add anything than the organic product itself.

High-quality products made from Korea's only patent

Patent registration number 3 cases of patent registration, including No. 10-1969096


'Method for extracting essence for increasing health function' Jeonju University Extraction Technology Transfer 'No. JJIP19-03'

Our products are not medicines, they are food products.

We do not make any statements or expressions that can be confused or mistaken for a drug in compliance with food-related laws.
Please check out the internet search and literature for efficacy and effectiveness.

Our products are based on trust.

tar color, bacterial water, coliform, salmonella, Listeria monositogenes were tested to be suitable.

Check When Ordering
Eat this way
Depending on the condition, 1 to 3 sticks a day and morning and evening empty stomachs are best. You can heat it up in warm water.
For unusual or allergic properties, check the ingredients before eating.
Due to the nature of the materials, sedimentation may occur, but the quality of the product is intact. Shake it up.
If your stomach is weak and you need an adaptation period, take it with a half package or a package after meals. Later, you can eat it with empty stomach
Don't microwave the pouch as it is.
The packaging is sharp, so be careful when opening and eating.
Keep the leftover in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight. (possible to keep in a refrigerator or freezer)
Learn how to ship
Pack it in the gift box and put it safely in the delivery box.
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